Meghann Stegemerten

Meghann Stegemerten is the Patient Care Coordinator for Metropolitan Plastic Surgery. Her work experience makes her uniquely qualified for a Patient Care Coordinator in the Plastic Surgery field.

About Meghann Stegemerten

Meghann Stegemerten, Office Manager & Surgery Scheduler

Meghann Stegemerten was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and is a proud resident of Wallingford, PA. She began her professional career as a Pennsylvania Real Estate agent before transitioning into the property and casualty insurance field where she has had experience both as a licensed insurance salesman, and as a claim handler. She spent the last eleven years as a claim specialist for State Farm Insurance, beginning as a medical payments coverage adjuster in the auto insurance department and ending as a liability adjuster in the homeowner's insurance department. Throughout her career Meghann has held a position in the customer service field which has helped hone her communication skills and heightened her ability to understand the needs of each individual, expressing empathy and kindness while maintaining professionalism with each interaction.

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