Asclera® is a prescription medication administered intravenously during sclerotherapy to treat uncomplicated spider veins, known as telangiectasias, and small varicose veins, known as reticular veins. Asclera is normally used during sclerotherapy in the lower extremities.

Known as a sclerosing agent, Asclera is designed to purposefully damage the inner lining, or endothelium, of the affected blood vessels. Once injected, over time Asclera causes platelets to attach to the vessel walls, resulting in clotting and causing blood to divert to a healthier vein. The damaged vein will eventually dissolve and be replaced with new tissue. While Asclera has been found to be very effective in the treatment of smaller damaged veins, it has not been studied for use in larger varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy treatment with Asclera takes only 15-45 minutes to perform, depending on the size and severity of the affected blood vessel. For most patients, one injection is administered for each inch of the affected vessel, with multiple injections performed during each treatment session. After this procedure, patients will need to wear compression stockings or support hose to facilitate proper healing.

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